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RosesWhispers Staff
It's time to open the door for our very first giveaway!! So excited. Rules are posted below...

Please continue to spread the word and help this make this a successful giveaway... Here are the rules once again:

Starting December 10th to December 31st all you have to do is post in any of the following ways

1) Write a blog post about anything related to Wynonna Earp. It can be about the show, the characters, the comic, the actors, Emily, Beau, the fandom, your love of a ship... absolutely anything Earper related.

2) Create a photo album. You may post anything WE related, ie... episode stills, promotional photos, screen captures, blends, wallpapers, fanart, pencil drawings, watercolors, etc... you get the drift.

3) Post your fan videos! You may also post your favorite clips, interviews and show related videos. Remember the videos must be live on sites like youtube, vimeo, etc... Give credit in the description if it was not made by you. 

4) Post your fan fiction!!

5) Become active in the Especially for You section of our forum. Support Kevin and Bonnie in the Black Badge|Whiskey & Doughnuts area and/or Support Kristen's Earp it Forward-Kindness Project.

6) Post a hello post in the forum atleast 7 days out of the 3 weeks this giveaway runs. Forum Thread Link Here

See it is very simple guys!

What are the prizes, and how will this work? Those who qualify will have their names put into a hat (literally) and the first name drawn picks one of the following prizes, the second name will pick from the remaining prizes. The one not chosen will roll over to January's giveaway.

All the prizes were donated by myself...

1) Copy of the Homecoming Graphic Novel
2) Legends: Doc Holliday... 3 different covers
3) 20x30 Doc Holliday Post created by myself

RosesWhispers Dec 10 '16 · Comments: 2 · Tags: doc holliday, giveaway, homecoming, poster, december 2016
Ahead of TimStacheTuesay I am giving away three copies of Wynonna Earp Legendsoc Holliday. The giveaway runs through Friday 12/9. Open to everyone will ship worldwide.

Here’s how to enter

a)Send an email to

b)in the subject line put Doc Holliday Giveaway! In the body include your full name, town and country
3 Winners will be picked by random.

Good luck.
Wayhaughtearper Nov 26 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2 · Tags: wynonna earp, doc holliday, earpers, giveaway, contest, stachers
RosesWhispers Staff
A lot of you know I went home for a week and a half. I grew up 50 miles south of Valdosta, Ga. I knew Doc Holliday called Valdosta home for a while as he grew up and became a dentist, but I had no paid much attention to the history there. (This is crazy seeing how I am an unofficial historian)

Saturday I made my way to the Valdosta Historical Museum where they had a sweet little exhibit for John Henry Holliday. It provided a small glimpse into his life, including losing his mother to consumption and his father becoming a vital part of Valdosta's history as he served as Mayor for a while. I saw 'consumption' bottle they found on the Holliday lands, buried along with other trinkets. It is crazy to think that something so deadly as consumption aka tuberculous can be so easily controlled even cured in modern times. So many lives lost.

Here are a few photos I took at the museum:

After we left the museum we went to visit Alice Holliday's grave, since I promised our Doc I would do so lol

Anyway, it was a great trip, spend lots of time with my family... I am blessed!!
Hello fellow Earpers! This month is already filling up with crazy due to Nanowrimo. My novel is all over the place, from ancient vampires, a zombie outbreak, snarky scientists, and a protagonist with more of a flight than fight response. One of the things I had to do was make Wyatt and Doc into vampires who are fighting with the humans to stop the zombie apocalypse.

I can't contain myself as I write these two being tough badasses but staunch best friends. 

Wynonna Earp has restarted my love for these iconic characters and it's like a light switch went off in my head. I'm writing like crazy and I have this show to thank.  

Kateera Nov 6 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: wynonna earp, thankfulness, wyatt earp, doc holliday, rambling, nanowrimo